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notabadge - Notacon 8 Badge, Arduino compatible, with built-in breathalyzer

This is the badge schematic circuit for the Notacon 8 badge. It is a basic Arduino clone with six LEDs on the PWM pins, a capacitive touch sensor pad (usable with the QTouch library), and a gas sensor (normally an alcohol sensor, but any MQ sensor can be used).

The circuit has a few different power configurations: the 2xCR2032 batteries shown on the circuit along with a LDO regulator (not shown), or an external power source, possibly with a LDO regulator, possibly with a LM7805 (shown).

The gas sensor was not a stock part but sold separately, and requires the external battery pack. The sensor has a high current draw and the 2xCR2032 config does not do well for even moderate current draw.

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