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You can import Eagle schematics into CircuitBee by first converting them to KiCad. This can be achieved using our Eagle ULP script detailed below.

Eagle2Kicad conversion script

Click here to download the eagle2kicad.ulp script

The eagle2kicad.ulp script will convert most Eagle schematics to KiCad format with good accuracy, as well as exporting all the symbols used in the schematic into a single library file. It also provides a .pro file which can be used to quickly load the schematic into KiCAD.


Download the ULP from the link above and then copy it to the ‘ulp’ folder in your Eagle ‘Program Files’ directory. (eg. ‘C:\Program Files\EAGLE-5.8.0\ulp’)


In Eagle, open the schematic you want to export, select ‘Run...’ from the ‘File’ menu, select the file named ‘eagle2kicad.ulp’ and then click ‘Open’.

A window will open that allows you to choose where to save the new files so pick a location and then press the ‘OK’ button. It's recommended you save them to somewhere other than where your existing Eagle files are saved.

CAUTION: The script will overwrite any existing files in that directory that have the same names.

You should now have three files in the directory you selected. A .pro project file, a .sch schematic file, and a -cache.lib library file that contains all the symbols used in the circuit.

You can now upload the .sch and then .lib file to CircuitBee from our upload page.

Known Issues

The following is a list of known issues with the Eagle to KiCad conversion script.

Release Notes

Contact Us

If you find any issues with the script, or have any fixes to contribute please email ben@circuitbee.com