‣ Uploading a schematic

To upload a schematic, first make sure you've signed up for CircuitBee and are logged in, then follow this guide.

  1. First click on the ‘Upload’ button in the top right to begin uploading a new schematic.

  2. On the Upload form, select the file (KiCad .sch) for the schematic you want to upload.

  3. Click ‘Upload Schematic’ and wait while the schematic is converted. This could take a few moments so please be patient.

  4. Once that has completed, you have uploaded the schematic but you will notice that it doesn't look right yet. CircuitBee needs to know all the symbols you used in your schematic before it can render them properly.

  5. You can select from existing symbol libraries in the box on the right or click on the ‘Add Library’ link in the right hand side to add a symbol library to CircuitBee.

    CircuitBee will remember any libraries you upload, so if you have a set of symbols you use often in your schematics please upload these libraries.

    Alternatively, if you don't know what symbols were used in the schematic KiCad usually saves a .cache.lib file with your schematic file that contains all the symbols used in your schematic, you can just upload this if you don't intend to use the symbols repeatedly.

    Converting a library takes a few minutes usually as it's quite intensive work. Please be patient, it will finish eventually and you will be redirected back to your schematic. If you need to add more libraries then upload those too.

  6. Once you've finished uploading any needed libraries, select them in the list and hit the ‘refresh schematic’ link to match your schematic against the selected libraries.

    After a few moments your schematic will reload, hopefully correctly, having matched its symbols against those in the libraries you have selected.

  7. Now just add the last details for your schematic, like the name, description, and whether or not you want to make your schematic public (required if you want to embed the schematic online).

  8. Remember to hit ‘Save’ to finish the upload process!